• Jade Roller Rose Quartz

Jade Roller Rose Quartz


Meet Rose Quartz. The sensitive skin soothing stone of self-love.

ORIGIN: Uruguay

COLOR: Light pink

SKINCARE: Supports skin regeneration to aid sensitive skin + ease Rosacea symptoms. Nurtures clients in their ability to accept care so that qi can flow + life energy emanates through the skin, an inner beauty “glow” is found energetically, a noticeable more radiant complexion results.

ENERGY/CHAKRA: HEART + ROOT CHAKRAS – love attracting, encourage a lightness in being, brings peace + joy, family, fidelity. Recharging the relationship with the self. Builds tolerance, resulting in loving solutions to conflict.

Pink + Green (Heart) + Red (Root) color energies.

WELL CARE: Pink stones naturally have a de-stressing + rejuvenating energy. Amplifies feelings of love for self and others. May help one overcome insecurity related to self image. Aids the heart and may help during a cancer-related healing process (however, one should consult their doctor or naturopath before incorporating gemstones into their self care rituals or stimulating any lymphatic activity during their healing.)

Excellent for group wellness rituals.

  • Brand: Jade Roller Beauty

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