• 25 Miracle Nourishing Oil

25 Miracle Nourishing Oil

What It Is:
A lightweight leave-in treatment that has 25 benefits, including moisturizing, styling and protection for all hair types.
What It Does:
• A luxurious hair treatment with natural oils and Vitamin E, penetrates deeply and absorbs instantly.
• Lightweight with 25 benefits for both skin and hair!
• Leaves hair manageable, shiny, and beautifully moisturized.
What Else You Need to Know:
• Sunflower seed oil boosts scalp and hair health, promotes hair growth with oleic acid and fights frizz.
• Olive oil moisturizes hair and scalp, fights dryness and seals in moisture and shine.
• Jojoba oil conditions dry hair, promotes curl elasticity and helps repair heat-damaged hair.
• Coconut oil improves skin barrier functions in scalp, calms skin, fights frizz and boosts circulation.
• Ideal for all texture and curl types
Moisturizing Benefits:
1. Nourishes Hair
2. Moisturizes Hair
3. Softens Hair
4. Softens skin
5. Hair feels supple
6. Hair looks less dry
7. Cares for hair
Strength Benefits:
8. Reduces breakage
9. Revitalizes curls
Stylist/Styling Benefits:
10. Gently detangles
11. Can be used pre-shampoo
12. Eases combability
13. Enhances natural texture
14. Can be cocktailed with other Mizani treatments
15. Won't weigh hair down
16. Controls Frizz
17. Smooths hair
18. Hair looks radiant
19. Makes hair easier to style
20. Hair is more manageable
21. Helps protect against environmental stress
22. Helps protect against dryness
23. Paraben Free
24. Silicone Free
25. 99% Biodegradeable

  • Brand: Mizani


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